Tarbiat Modares APA Resume

Security specific relief group was established as a research center named Tarbiat Modares APA in the middle of 2008. Its mission includes addressing security solutions for Spam-related Security Disruptions, informing, supporting and facilitating security of information exchange and development of specialized subsections reported by central IRCERT. It is supported by the Iranian Telecommunication Research Center in the area of production and information exchange which is located at Tarbiat Modares University. Some of the working areas  are focused on addressing spam and viruses issues in communication networks, the evaluation of OWASP information and communication technology systems, advising on the design, implementation and audit of the Information Security Management System for organizations including personnel training, regulation development, forecasting of workflow paths, description of individual tasks and organizational units, as well as the determination and installation of the required equipment for management of the organization security.


  1. Measurement of Information Society, Ministry of Information & Communication Technology.
  2. Developing a social network for Iran scientific association of MSRT, Iran Ministry of Science, Research and technology.
  3. Establishment and Operation of Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) for Tarbiat Modares University, Iran Telecommunication Research Centre, Ministry of Information & Communication Technology.
  4. National Plan for Protection of Iran Critical Communication Infrastructure, Iran Telecommunication Research Centre, Ministry of Information & Communication Technology.
  5. Management of Iran National Plan for Communication and Information Technology Development, Iran Telecom Research Center Ministry of PTT, Manager of Project.
  6. National Strategic Plan for Information and Communication Technology, Iran Telecommunication Research Centre.
  7. Electrical Research Potential Evaluation of Iranian Universities and research Institutes and Database Preparation, Tavanir Research Deputy, Ministry of Energy Scientific Network of Iran.
  8. IT and Security Standards Development, Iran Standard Organization
  9. Network Anomaly Detection Based on a Hybrid Method Integrating Artificial Immune System and Support Vector Machine, Iran Telecommunication Research Centre, Ministry of Information & Communication Technology.
  10. User Behavior Classification for Computer Forensics, Iran Telecommunication Research Centre.
  11. A steganography method in mms, Iran Telecommunication Research Centre.
  12. Online Certificate Status Protocol CA- PKI – OCSP, Iran Telecommunication Research Centre.
  13. Intrusion detection system based on the integrity of TCP packet, Iran Telecommunication Research Centre.

  1. IDS for Virtual Private Networks with AD HOC NETWORK as the infrastructure, Iran Telecommunication Research Centre.
  2. TCP Performance Improvement in Mobile Ad Hoc network, Iran Telecommunication Research Centre.
  3. Validation of Public Key Certificates Using Trust Evaluation in Ad hoc Networks, Iran Telecommunication Research Centre.
  4. A protocol for Honeypots and Spampots, Iran Telecommunication Research Centre.
  5. Intelligent based Spam Detector, Iran Telecommunication Research Centre.
  6. Agent based Spam Detection, Iran Telecommunication Research Centre
  7. E-Commerce and Spam, Iran Telecommunication Research Centre.
  8. SMS Content Classification, Iran Telecommunication Research Centre.
  9. MMS-Spam Detection Base on Text Detection and Recognition in Image, Iran Telecommunication Research Centre.
  10. A New Model for Organization Security Investments, Iran Telecommunication Research Centre.
  11. Bio-inspired Spam Detection, Iran Telecommunication Research Centre.
  12. Anti-spam Email system Design in social networks, Iran Telecommunication Research Centre.


  • Information Security management and implementing ISMS solutions
  • Risk Assessment and Security measurement
  • Addressing solutions for countermeasure with SPAM in mobile and telecom infrastructure networks.
  • Telecommunication and Information Security Standard Development
  • Security auditing in The Computer Network
  • Mobile CS/PS Core Security Assessment and Security Hardening
  • Telecommunication Networks (2G/3G/4G) Including Architectures and Components of Core Network
  • Control Plane and Signaling Protocols of Telecommunication Networks (2G/3G/4G)
  • GTP firewall in the Mobile Operator Network
  • Addressing Security Solutions in the Telecommunication Networks (2G/3G/4G)
  • MVNO (Light and Full) Architecture and Security Solutions
  • Technical Reports and Representing Technical (RFP/RFI/ LOM /HLD/LLD Etc.) in Telecom Networks
  • Addressing security issues for IoT networks inducing elements and networks